Comprised of three main solutions, Reporting, Web Filtering, and Firewall, Cipafilter protects your users across all device types.


Superior Reporting

Cipafilter’s reports show you top visited sites, most active users, suspicious activity, and more. You can easily navigate these reports to find exactly what you want and see exactly where your users have been.

Can you tell what site or student is using most of your bandwidth? What are the top searches in your school? How do you print out a single users web history? Answer these questions and more with Cipafilter's comprehensive reporting tools.

Tracking internet usage on various device types is frustrating. Even basic information can become impossible to find. You’re either given too little information or way too much. Both make it difficult to clearly see what’s happening on your network.

Use any device on or off your network with full reporting capabilities. Our InSite™ reports provide a clear, concise picture of internet activity. You're able to review group or individual browsing histories. Reports have never been easier to run for all your devices.

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Content Analysis

Cipafilter’s unique filtering approach ensures a one-of-a-kind filtering solution. Designed to keep your users safe and productive by reducing false positives and false negatives

The Internet is a massive resource of constantly evolving information. With almost four billion interactive users worldwide; there's a lot of data being generated. Many of the resources we rely on update with new information every time we hit refresh.

Cipafilter’s real time filter catches inappropriate content with 97% accuracy. This real-time, context sensitive filter will allow you to rest easy knowing the next page refresh is safe. Additionally, you don't have to block entire sites just because one page on that site might have something inappropriate. Web pages through a proxy site will still read as though it's the same content.

Teachers can plan their lessons without worrying about the hassle of a filter. Students focus on their work without interruptions. Many products rely on heavy teacher intervention for the filter to work properly. This is unnecessary with Cipafilter.

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What is a Next-Generation Firewall?

That's best described by a few things we offer:

Traditional firewall services

Application Control

In-line Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

TLS/SSL Man-in-the-middle decryption

QoS/Bandwidth management

Antivirus inspection

Authentication integration

With greater visibility and control, you can do more with less. Cipafilter’s all-in-one firewall solution offers better security, more customization, and a simple to use interface.

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Cipafilter offers a sizable list of features that are constantly growing to help make life at work as simple as can be. Some of these features are:

  • SSL Decryption by Group, Domain, and/or Subnet

  • Context-Sensitive Proxy/Games/Sexual Content Detection

  • 25+ Blacklist Categories

  • Download Blocking

  • Temporary Whitelisting

  • Custom Whitelist/Blacklist

  • 1:1/Remote Filtering for any device

  • Suspicious Search Term (SST) Email Notifications

  • And many more features!

Learn More About Our Features!

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