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Cipafilter is Spokane School District’s one-stop-shop! ... With all the school districts that I work with, I always highly recommend them to check out Cipafilter if they are in the market for a new content filter and firewall device
— Gail E, Technology Coordinator

What We Do.



Web history style reports give you clear, concise, and usable reports. See for yourself.

web filter

Smarter filtering for a smarter internet. Real-time filtering keeps you and your students safe at all times.


Our all-in-one firewall offers better security, more customization, and a simple to use interface.



Superior Reporting

Cipafilter’s reports show you top visited sites, most active users, suspicious activity, and more. You can easily navigate these reports to find exactly what you want and see exactly where your users have been.



Built For Education

We recognize difficulties schools face finding the time, staff and funding to meet their objectives. Your needs are our priority.

Configure your Cipafilter for use with any network, device, and operating system. The intuitive user interface is easy to navigate so you can make changes as needed. Get rid of distractions for students, teachers and admins with fewer false positives and false negatives.

When you need support, our experienced team is ready for your call or email, happy to help! Or, you can use our helpful online resources!

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Cipafilter is very awesome and getting better all the time. Fast, friendly support who are not afraid to say “I don’t know, but I will find an answer.” Love the new reporting and live bandwidth. If you have not done so, call them and take a tour.
— Brian B, Technology Coordinator