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Content Sensitive Filtering

Smarter filtering for a smarter internet. Real-time filtering keeps you safe all the time.

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Filter The Bad. See The Good.

Cipafilter's real-time context sensitive filtering across games, proxies, and sexual content keeps your students safe and productive. With fewer false positives and false negatives, teachers can teach. Leave managing the internet to the pros.


Filter Anywhere

Protect your students beyond the classroom. Cipafilter works with any device on or off your network. Expect the same level of filtering at home as in school. Filter anywhere for your 1:1 and remote filtering initiatives. Cipafilter allows you to filter, report on, and stop bypassing efforts. We welcome all devices, including Chromebooks, iPads, Windows laptops, or anything else.

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Google Integration

Many educators rely on the collection of Google services in and out of the classroom. Cipafilter keeps your students and faculty safe by helping you limit use to only the apps that promote productivity.

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Access Restriction

Google offers educators a great tool set for collaboration and learning. Unfortunately, access to personal Google accounts are a gateway for inappropriate material. Students can use their personal Google Drive to share movies, images, and messages. Cipafilter's Google Apps Domain Restriction limits access to only the school's Google domain.

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Single Sign-On Authentication

With a million logins to remember, let Direct Authenticator simplify your life. Once a user logs into their Chromebook (from any location), they're filtered. Cipafilter ties in with Google OAuth, giving you and your users a seamless experience. You will also be able to report on all their traffic on or off campus. You don’t have to compromise simplicity with security.

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Safe Search Enforcement

With questionable content at every turn on the internet, Safe Search helps reduce the risk it lands on your screen. Enforced across all major search engines, Cipafilter has you protected.


The Importance Of Safe Search

Safe Search keeps you protected from reaching inappropriate material on all major search engines. Whether you're actively looking or it's by accident, images pop up that shouldn't when Safe Search is off. For added security, use Cipafilter's Enhanced Safe Search and Image License Restriction. We stop inappropriate images from displaying when using innocuous or harmless search terms.

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Authentication is a key instrument for providing security and insight on a network. It allows for more useful reporting, and granular control of groups. See how Cipafilter uses a variety of authentication methods.


Do I Need Authentication?

Authentication may seem too complicated for your network. In reality, it's never been easier to set up - and you can't live without it. Authentication is a great tool to give flexibility to staff and students. Authentication allows you to divide users into groups so you don't have to rely on a 'default' policy. Give teachers more leniency or split upper class-men from their middle school counterparts.

The main benefits of authentication are security, flexibility, and reporting data. You can restrict internet access for users that try to bypass authentication. Configure a more strict guest wireless network without hindering staff connecting to wireless. See who is going where, at what time, on what device. You can see trends, intervene when necessary, and be more informed.


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