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Cipafilter includes powerful reporting options that make accessing relevant information quick and simple. We've made it easy to filter out extraneous details so you can always find exactly what you need.

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InSite Reports

Modern websites are built from a variety of different content sources. A single web page in most reports will list CDNs, ads, plug-ins, and other unhelpful sources. With this in mind, we designed InSite™ reporting to cut through the mess. You can view page titles, users, groups, workstations and more to get a clear picture of actual browsing history, in real time.


Search Term Reporting

What might be more important than knowing where someone went, is knowing how they got there. Was it an accidental click or a purposeful search? Use Cipafilter’s Suspicious Search Term (SST) reporting to:

- Stay aware of potentially dangerous searches

- Gain insight into users browsing motives

A user may be researching how to detect suicidal symptoms, or reaching out for help. Between notification alerts and powerful search reporting tools, you can act as needed.

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Troubleshoot with Reports

When the world isn't perfect and something breaks, Cipafilter will be there for you. Our powerful reports can help you solve problems without wasting your time.

Cipafilter's reports are lightning fast, and real-time. With the ability to pivot reports, you can drill down to the information you need. It's easy to discover a single user or site that is causing problems. Sometimes it's a single website breaking decryption. Cipafilter will show you which site and who's going to it so you can fix it.


Report Card

Use our Report Card to get an overview of an individual or whole group. At a glance see where an individual regularly visits, their top violations, and most recent searches. Easily export to PDF and share with a parent or faculty member.


Monitor Your Network’s Health

If you're looking for network information in addition to user tracking, check out our Live Status Dashboard. Here you'll find information about the state of your network at a glance.


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