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With greater visibility and control, you can do more with less. Cipafilter’s all-in-one firewall solution offers better security, more customization, and a simple to use interface.



Teachers can plan their lessons without worrying about the hassle of a filter. Students focus on their work without interruptions. Many products rely on heavy teacher intervention for the filter to work properly. This is unnecessary with Cipafilter.


Cipafilter’s reports show you top visited sites, most active users, suspicious activity, and more. You can easily navigate these reports to find exactly what you want and see exactly where your users have been.


Live Reporting Statistics

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We have used Cipafilter for several years. We use it to filter computers, iPads, and Chromebooks. I have found it to be very user-friendly. I like Cipafilter enough that we opted not to change even though we have had many offers. I like the ease with which I can filter by group, IP addresses, or devices. It is an easy process to block a site or to whitelist a site. Cipafilter “improves my life” by making the filtering process seamless to the point that I seldom have to think about the process. If a teacher finds a questionable site, I can block it within minutes. The updates to the system never interfere with the filtering process itself.
— David Unsell Network Administrator Coalgate Public Schools 1