Free for a 30 day evaluation – try Cipafilter

Free year pilot program

Cipafilter is growing, and we need your help to move into new markets. We know that switching filtering solutions is a large undertaking, however, and we know that it's complicated by limited budgets, pre-existing contracts, and other issues. That's why we've started a pilot program to offer new customers in select geographical areas filtering service at no charge for one full year.

Take note: This is not a demo, a promotion, or a contest — pilot program members will function as active partners in our efforts to expand into their region. In exchange for free service, participants must:

  • Be located in a geographical region without a significant existing Cipafilter user base.
  • Provide continuous feedback to us regarding their experience.
  • Tell nearby schools and districts about our offerings.

If you feel you might be eligible for our program, please contact our sales team.

Free 30-day evaluation

Don't qualify for our pilot program? No problem! We offer a free, fully supported 30-day evaluation to all of our prospective customers.

We require only that the evaluation unit be installed within 15 days of receipt. Evaluations may exceed 30 days, provided that the prospective customer pays a modest monthly hardware rental fee (not to exceed 6 months total).

Contact sales to get the process started.

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