Learn how E-Rate can lower the cost of your Cipafilter

Cipafilter is a feature-rich product that allows organizations to properly enforce, monitor, and educate. Web filtering can sometimes be intimidating for learning organizations because such products can oftentimes lead to unintended disruptions and complications. Cipafilter has met those challenges head on and the result is a product that allows for CIPA compliance, yet enables your students to learn safely and effectively.

CIPA compliance

CIPA (Child Internet Protection Act) is a federal law enacted by the US Congress in 2000. This act requires that schools and libraries actively protect children from obscene and explicit material on the Internet. Organizations must comply with this act in order to receive E-Rate funding.

The four major cornerstones of the law revolve around enforcement, monitoring, education, and public policy:

  • Enforcement is achieved by utilizing technology such as Cipafilter to filter out Web pages that are obscene and harmful to minors. Cipafitler gives a district all the tools necessary to accomplish this task.

  • Monitoring is carried out through some level of reporting. Cipafilter provides the ability to track and report on a user's Web activity and block history.

  • Schools are required to continually educate their students and users on proper online behavior and proper use of social media.

  • Schools are also required to prepare and make public an acceptable use policy (AUP) which addresses proper use of the Internet, social media, and electronic communication.

E-Rate funding

The Schools and Libraries Division (SLD) of the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) administers the E-Rate program, which assists schools and libraries in the United States with obtaining affordable telecommunications and Internet access. The reimbursement rate is based upon your number of students eligible for the free and reduced lunch program, and ranges from 20% to 85%. Not all Cipafilter features are eligible; however, you can still cost-allocate across the eligible and ineligible components of Cipafilter and receive E-Rate discounts for eligible hardware costs and licensing!

Cipafilter's SPIN: 143005941

Product Type Manufacturer Model # and SKU Description Eligibility %
Cipafilter Hardware Cipafilter K6180 CF50.01 Hardware + Warranty 100
Cipafilter G4180 CF150.04 Hardware + Warranty 100
Cipafilter H4171 CF250.04 Hardware + Warranty 100
Cipafilter H6180 CF350.04 Hardware + Warranty 100
Cipafilter J8180 CF450.04 Hardware + Warranty 100
Firewall Licensing Cipafilter FWSL-ER Next Gen Firewall E-Rate Licensing - Committment 100
Cipafilter PFWSL-ER Next Gen Firewall E-Rate Licensing - Prepay 100
Web Filter Licensing Cipafilter WFSL Web Filter Licensing - Committment 0
Cipafilter PWFSL Web Filter Licensing - Prepay 0
Complete Licensing Cipafilter CFFSL-ER Complete Firewall and Web Filter Licensing - Committment 70
Cipafilter PCFFSL-ER Complete Firewall and Web Filter Licensing - Prepay 70
Legacy Firewall Cipafilter FSL Legacy Firewall Licensing 100
Licensing Cipafilter WSM Legacy Firewall Hardware Warrant and Licensing 100

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