Cipafilter offers versatility, usability, and productivity for your school

Our commitment to your Internet security is demonstrated by our unparalleled support staff. We set the standard for customer service by offering end-to-end, consultant-style support for all aspects of your content filtering. We are knowledgeable, diligently represent your interests, are US-based, and can easily integrate with third-party products and services.


For over 15 years our industry-leading filter has grown alongside the emerging Internet. Our customer-centric development process folds proactive support into an ever-expanding set of features. We listen to you, and appreciate that schools varying in size, network complexities, and technical faculties have diverse filtering needs. When you choose Cipafilter, you're getting a complete solution.

  • Integration with any network configuration. Cipafilter integrates into any existing configuration and is configurable to accommodate many topographies.
  • Integration with all end user device platforms. We work with Windows, Chromebooks, iPads, Macs, Android, and any combination of those.  
  • Integration with wireless. Regardless of how your wireless infrastructure is set up, Cipafilter can participate and make device identification a breeze.
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Cipafilter was designed with you in mind. That's why our management interface and intuitive reporting tools are designed for ease of use. Compared to similar products, we provide a broad set of features which can be easily managed by a single user with minimal training.

  • The Cipafilter interface is one of the easiest and most powerful interfaces available. Cipafilter allows you to quickly enforce, change, and manage your filtering without the cumbersome steps.
  • We know reporting is increasingly difficult to rely on due to the complexity of website construction and countless variables. Through powerful, instinctive reporting, Cipafilter provides the necessary tools to easily track users and usage.
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Students — With the technology available today, students have a tremendous advantage over previous generations. However, this technology also lends itself to being distracting and many filters allow for students to access things you'd rather they not. Cipafilter disallows circumvention, blocks game sites in a whole new way, and keeps students focused on learning.

Teachers — Your teachers already have a difficult job. But now they are also tasked with navigating through your filter. Many come in early just to make sure that they and their students can actually get to the websites they need to access that day. Our product creates one of the most effective learning environments for your teachers to do their jobs.

Network administrators — Networks are more complex than ever before with little time to manage content filtering. Yet, teachers and faculty are constantly complaining about over blocking. In addition, staying up to date with all the ways students are getting around the filter can be time consuming. Free up your time and requests with Cipafilter. Spend time on the things that are really important to you.

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