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For over a decade, Cipafilter has been developed specifically with K–12 schools in mind. We understand that education customers have uniquely structured networks, and they don't always have the resources that other organizations have to manage them. To meet these special needs, our filtering products and services distinguish themselves in versatility, usability, productivity, and support.

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Deep content inspection

The Internet is a massive resource of constantly changing information; unfortunately, many students aren't able to utilize it effectively because their school's filter is lacking. With Cipafilter, you get a real-time context-sensitive content filter that increases productivity and learning opportunities by greatly reducing instances of under-blocking, over-blocking, and circumvention.

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Your school or organization's Internet access is probably filtered using a pre-compiled list of Web sites. Some are good, some are bad, and others are simply no longer relevant, as it is impossible for lists like these to stay up to date with the ever-changing information on the Internet. Cipafilter's content-filtering engine is context-sensitive — it's able to analyze Web pages in real time and block based on their current contents, not just a static list of URLs. This means our filtering is always up to date and is able to filter inappropriate content with 97% accuracy. We believe accurate filtering is of the utmost importance for schools today — greater accuracy reduces classroom interruptions and makes for quicker lesson planning, resulting in a more productive tech coordinator, student, and teacher.

Anywhere Filtering

Filter any device on or off your network. Cipafilter's Anywhere Filtering supports 1:1 and remote filtering initiatives by extending a protected learning environment for your students beyond the classroom.

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Education doesn't stop in the classroom. Schools are increasingly sending their students home with devices, and they need a way to effectively protect and filter them. Whether your school is using Chromebooks, iPads, Windows laptops, or any other platform, Cipafilter has you covered. Anywhere Filtering extends the functionality you've come to expect inside your own network to almost any Internet connection in the world. When used with a supporting device, Cipafilter can even provide a secure tunnel for all browsing traffic, protecting your users and their data even more.

Google services integration

For many schools, Google is an integral part of their network as well as the learning experience. Whether protecting students while they search or authenticating users to the filter, Cipafilter takes a comprehensive role in delivering Google services to your users.

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Many schools today rely on the wealth of functionality Google makes available through Google Apps, Google Search, YouTube, and its other properties. Cipafilter offers first-class integration with these systems — single-sign-on authentication with Google Directory, enforced SafeSearch and YouTube Restricted Mode, restrictions on which Google Apps domains a user can log in through, Chromebook integration, and more. Cipafilter does it all.

SSL decryption

Web sites are increasingly turning to encryption to keep you and your data safe. Over half of all Web traffic — including almost all of the world's most popular sites — is now encrypted. This is great news for Internet security, but it renders less advanced filtering solutions obsolete as they lose the ability to accurately filter the traffic that matters most. Cipafilter's SSL decryption gives you that ability without putting your network or its users at risk.

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With the rise of social media and SaaS solutions, many schools have more encrypted traffic flowing through their networks than unencrypted. It's critical that access to these services remain uninterrupted yet safely filtered — but achieving this with many filtering products is a task fraught with configuration and performance difficulties. Cipafilter makes filtering secure traffic simple and easy, while allowing you fine control over which sites and even which users are subject to decryption. This allows you to roll out decryption at your own pace, without affecting the rest of your network, and enables Cipafilter to provide you with a multifaceted suite of reporting tools.


What sites are using most of your bandwidth? What have your students been searching for? The answers to these questions and more are all at your fingertips with Cipafilter's Web reporting.

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Keeping track of Internet usage in a complex network environment can be frustrating. Many products provide too little information, while others provide too much. Both make it difficult to get a clear picture of what's happening on your network. Cipafilter's reporting engine gives IT staff and administrators the tools to cut through the complexity. Our InSite™ reporting tool provides a clear and concise picture of Internet activity with easy to understand reports, empowering you to review a group or individual's browsing history. This clarity makes InSite™ a valuable tool for making maintenance and disciplinary decisions based on Internet activity.

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Of course, in addition to its many filtering-related capabilities, Cipafilter is also a highly advanced firewall/router platform. Related features include a stateful firewall, port forwarding, routing and load balancing, VLAN support, PPTP/IPsec VPN support, DHCP, SNMP, bandwidth control, and hot-spare fail-over — all ready to use and simple to maintain thanks to Cipafilter's easy to use Web management interface.

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