Reasons to use Permissions Scheduling

You may not have thought to take full advantage of the Permission Scheduling feature yet but here’s why you may give that a second look! The feature is easy to use, versatile, and is perfect for all kinds of network setups. Here are a couple of scenarios in which you might want to use it:

Permission Scheduling page

Limit access during school hours

Filtering content prohibited during school hours may not be necessary after your users go home. Permission scheduling is built for just such a moment. Using this feature, you can force your students group into an “after-hours” group once school is out for the day, which may have a less restrictive set of filtering permissions.

Turn off internet access during bedtime

When “lights out” is called you may need to turn off the internet for students with remote filtering devices. Permissions scheduling is a great tool for timed internet shutdowns on your off-site devices. By selecting the subnet or filtering group of your choice and mapping it to a “nointernet” group for bedtime. If the group is configured correctly, this effectively shuts down internet access for your students.

Schedule web filtering for school testing

Sometimes you need students to have less restrictive web traffic permissions when using online testing. For those cases, Permissions Scheduling is a great tool to expand students access to testing services during the allotted testing hours. You just need to select the times that state testing is taking place and map the students subnet or filtering group to a more permissive group.

Need help setting up Permissions Scheduling?

Please contact Cipafilter Support at 800-243-3729 extension 300 if you need any assistance in setting up your Permissions Scheduling rules.

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