Six tips to get the most out of Cipafilter

Cipafilter is an all-in-one unified threat management device which can function as a content filter, firewall, DHCP server, and network management tool. However, some of our users don’t get the most out of their Cipafilter because they only use some of the features on the Cipafilter, or use them in a partial way. Here are 6 tips that we have created for what features you should utilize with your Cipafilter to optimize your network experience.

Enable SSL Decryption

As you navigate the web, you may notice that more and more websites are using the HTTPS protocol to secure their web traffic. This has made the internet a much more secure place, but it has created problems for network monitoring and content filtering. Foreseeing these issues, Cipafilter developed our own proxy system, called SSL Decryption, to avoid these troubles. This has enabled us to not only create more capable filtering technology but also to enhance performance. Cipafilter’s custom connection management engine can handle over half a million connections per instance; we can efficiently handle way more traffic than any other product because we're not connection bound. You can enable SSL Decryption in the Group Permissions menu for your content filtering groups.

Utilize Advanced DPI Bandwidth Control

Cipafilter recently incorporated a bandwidth controls feature that utilizes our capabilities as a Layer 7 content filter, called Advanced DPI Bandwidth Control. With this feature, you can specify what kind of traffic by source, destination application type, and other criteria into priority bands. This will reduce latency to vital network connections while limiting connection speeds for traffic you desire. Just insert a bandwidth rule, select your traffic and bandwidth speed, and you are on your way.

Bandwidth Control page

Keep the Stateful Firewall in Drop Mode

There are many security threats on the web that be neutralized by taking small, yet decisive, steps to protect your network from intruders or malicious software. One such thing is to keep your firewall secure, thereby limiting what kinds of traffic can travel between your network and the outside internet. We can protect your network safe by utilizing the Stateful Firewall’s Drop Mode feature. The Drop mode on the firewall will stop all incoming and outgoing packets and sends no error message back to the client unless specified otherwise through the firewall rules. We recommend it as a simple way to control what kinds of connections pass through your network.

Use Reporting Filters in Cipafilter v10

In Cipafilter v10, we have added our Reporting Filters feature to help secure your network web reporting on a user by user basis. Through Reporting Filters administrators will be able to control the information that Administrative Users will be able to access through Web Reporting on the Cipafilter by both Group and User. By using this tool you will be able to be able to control what reporting your Cipafilter users are able to see on the Cipafilter and ensure that Web Reporting is both effective and monitoring web traffic, yet sensitive to private information.

Enable our Automatic Updates

Receiving our latest firmware is easy and unobtrusive with our Automatic Updates feature. Just navigate to the Firmware Updates page on the Cipafilter interface, and set the Automatic Updates to feature to your desired setting. After that has been done, each time an automatic update is installed (typically between 10 PM and 2 AM), an e-mail notification will be sent to the Notification Address.

Firmware Updates page

Contact our Technical Support Team

We have an industry-leading Technical Support staff here at Cipafilter, who are able to assist you with the Cipafilter product and its network integration. If you ever have trouble with the Cipafilter on your network, our support team can be contacted between 7 AM to 6 PM CST through email at or over the phone at +1 800 243 3729 ext. 300.

New to Cipafilter?

If you don’t use Cipafilter and would be interested to set up a free Demo of the Cipafilter, feel free to contact our Sales department +1 800 243 3729 ext. 400, or fill out this form and a Sales representative will contact you shortly.

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