News You Can Use: Cipafilter Digest – Issue #3

Implementing new technology in your school isn't an easy task, and staying up to date is even harder. We're always talking to teachers, principals, technical support, and systems administrators so that we can know what sort of solutions work for them. These contacts always share information with us, and send us all kinds of helpful articles, which we find really informative.

In today's post, we're sharing a few of those ed-tech articles with you. We hope that you find the information useful, and as interesting as we have.

Rethinking High School: What Do Students Need?

In this thoughtful article, Patrick O'Donnell looks at the MC2 STEM High School in Cleveland, and its system of "project-based learning." Does a competency based and mastery grading system provide a superior education than traditional classroom learning? The students and faculty at MC2 believe so.

Students at the MC2 STEM High School in Cleveland don’t sit through lectures all day. They learn through projects, like designing and building above-ground gardens, calculating the powers of a comic book superhero or constructing a recording studio to record a song. The school is one of a growing number of high schools nationwide that focus on “project-based learning,” an approach that principal Feowyn MacKinnon says aims to “get kids building things, thinking things and solving problems,” not passively sitting in class.

5 Teaching Strategies to Provide Equal Digital Learning

Though technology has become inexorably linked to education, not every student has the same exposure to tech outside of school. It's important that teachers employ strategies to provide an equitable digital learning experience to all students. In this article from Teach Hub Janelle Cox explores some of these strategies.

There is no denying that we now live in a digital world, and unfortunately there are still some students who lack access to technology outside of the classroom. In fact, many teachers cite lack of digital access as a minor to major issue in their classroom. This problem is more common then you may think.

Stretching Your School’s EdTech Budget

Every school would love to provide the latest and greatest technology to their students, delivering meaningful opportunities for them to learn and excel. We don't have to tell you, however, that technology can get expensive quickly! To help make the most out of your money, Matthew Lynch at the Tech Advocate has put together a helpful list of nine tips for getting the most out of your technology budget.

Every school wants to offer its students the best, most current, most meaningful opportunities. In the modern era, this means providing its learners with appropriate and useful technology. Unfortunately, technology can also be very expensive.

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