Benefits of digital learning

It's hard to imagine a school today that isn't engaging in some form of digital learning, aided by laptop or desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, or all of the above. Going to school today is wildly different than going to school ten, or even five years ago. Ed-tech has provided a multitude of new learning opportunities that benefit the students of today. So what can digital learning provide for your students? So what can digital learning provide for your students?


Technology enables learning in a more personalized way and pace. While the general classroom pace still depends upon the rhythm of the teacher, technology has empowered that teacher to help students who progress at different paces, accessing different tools as they need. Feedback can be immediate and customized, helping keep students engaged, ready, and eager to learn.


Collaboration among students is nothing new, but technology has taken collaborative efforts to new heights. Co-authoring has never been easier, and distance means nothing; students can learn about other countries and cultures by interacting with their contemporaries in other places. Collaborative projects are no longer constrained by time or place, but instead are open to any number of possibilities.

Publication AS Collaboration

The natural progression of collaboration is publication. Once available to a select few, now students can easily and inexpensively publish their work for either a select audience or for the public. It's incredibly motivating to know that your work can be seen by thousands, and encourages a deep commitment to learning and creative projects in school and beyond.

Tech as Teacher Support NOT Teacher Replacement

Ed-tech isn’t designed to take the place of effective teaching; nothing helps students learn better than a great teacher. What technology can and should do, however, is assist teachers. But to do that, your technology has to be safe, stable, and secure. That’s where Cipafilter comes in. As a next-generation firewall with the best context-sensitive web filter on the market, you can be sure that your students can reap all the benefits of digital learning, without exposing them to inappropriate material. Add in our layer seven features like application and bandwidth control, and you won’t find a better partner for your firewall and content filtering needs.

How Can Cipafilter Support Your School?

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