News You Can Use: Cipafilter Digest – Issue #2

What's going on where education and technology intersect? What's on the horizon of the digital education landscape? Here are a few informative articles that we found interesting, and didn't want you to miss. From digital thought leaders, teachers discussing the future of connected learning, and award winning principals embracing new realities in education, we think you'll find these article worth reading.

Top 10 Digital Learning Thought Leaders to Follow Right Now!

The nature of technology in education has constantly evolved since day one. Where is the future of digital learning heading? Dr. Dovi Weiss asks ten innovators that exact question, and contributes his own thoughts and feelings on the matter as well. We enjoyed reading what these thought leaders saw on the horizon of digital learning.

In this ever-changing digital learning landscape, technology is reshaping learning rapidly. There are many possibilities at learners' fingertips, and they're looking for someone to make sense of it all. We asked 10 top thought leaders and innovators that are shaping the future of Ed-Tech one question: Where do you see the future of digital learning heading?

From Connected Learning to Connected Teaching: A Necessary Step Forward

In this article, Nicole Mirra discusses connected learning. To generalize, connected learning links academic learning to what students are passionate about and gives opportunities to create related content (or physical objects) in collaborative networks. Mirra goes on to describe her realization that for such learning to be successful and sutainable, connected learning must be paired with a model of connected teaching.

I am lucky to know some amazing teachers. I know teachers who are throwing open the doors of their classrooms and partnering with community organizations, libraries, and museums to expand students’ learning opportunities. I know teachers who are flipping the hierarchical teacher-student relationship on its head to allow students to take the lead in their learning.

What’s Next for Education: 5 realities schools must embrace

Todd Kominiak sat down with Dr. Philip Lanoue, former principal of the year, Georgia state superintendent of the year, and national superintendent of the year, to discuss the challenges that schools face in order to remain future-ready. Lanoue posits that to stay on top of the shifting educational landscape, schools must embrace new realities in order to drive lasting change.

When it comes to dealing with a changing education environment, there are plenty of school leaders who can talk the talk. But, taking a leap and bringing communities together can be daunting, often relegating change only to rhetoric. School leaders describe their schools as “future-ready.” But, without a real, tangible, and actionable plan in place, rhetoric alone isn’t enough to keep pace with the rapid stride of classroom innovation, or the steady drumbeat of school choice and competition.

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