Layer 7 Functionality: Application Control

In our latest firmware version, 9.4, we introduced a great new feature to our next-generation firewall. Application Control extends our powerful Layer 7 functionality to non-web traffic.

Your students are going to push the envelope; they’ll try to find ways around your filter, and use non-educational applications. Kids test boundaries, after all. We understand how relentless you have to be to control activities on your network and student devices. Which is why we developed Application Control, the latest Layer 7 tool in your arsenal.

If you’ve had students try to bypass filtering with VPNs or proxies, that won’t be a problem anymore. With this feature, you can block these at the application level, as well as other protocols like FTP, SMTP, or DNS to name a few.

Firewall Rules

Application control can also, of course, block applications and services. Are your students wasting time with specific apps? We can block Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Pandora, VoIP, Skype, Spotify, WhatsApp, Snapchat and many more services.

Application control gives you one more method to ensure that your students are viewing appropriate educational content instead of spending time playing games, watching movies, or looking at social media. What makes this even more powerful is the flexibility of the feature. For instance, you can enable remote administration protocols like SSH and RDP for staff technicians, while still blocking access to students or other staff groups.

Does this sound like a feature that will help your school? For more information on our Layer 7 functionality, or if you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'd love to schedule a conversation to discuss how Application Control and our other great features make Cipafilter the right choice for your school.

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