Introducing Cipafilter 9.4

Cipafilter is happy to announce version 9.4 of our device firmware. With this latest iteration, we've focused on improving InSite™ reporting, enhancing our next-generation firewall capabilities, improving our notifications options, and expanding user administration functionality.

Content preview for YouTube Videos

Just as you can't judge a book by its cover, you can't always determine the content of a YouTube video based solely on its title. To help you understand what your students are watching, hits for YouTube videos in InSite™ reports now provide you the option to play the video inline. No need to open a new browser window and copy/ paste the video's URL. Just click the YouTube icon, and a small window will pop up and play the video. You can watch the exact videos your students have without ever leaving InSite™.


Next-generation firewall enhancements

In 9.4, we've expanded the capabilities of our next-generation firewall to include Application Control, which extends our advanced DPI functionality to non-Web traffic. In practice, this means you can block protocols such as DNS, FTP, and RDP, as well as services like Facebook, Netflix, and Skype. Additionally, we've added port-forwarding and firewall hit counters, letting you know how many times your configured rules have been triggered.

Improved notifications

We've added e-mail notifications for Suspicious Search Terms, rounding out our highly customizable notification system. We've also made improvements to the distribution of instant notifications to prevent flooding your inbox in high-traffic situations.

Management users

You can now create administrative user accounts with Web-management, VPN, or SSH privileges, while still restricting access to other functions — you decide who and what your management users can oversee. Users with Group Permissions access can even be limited to managing a specific subset of groups. These features enable you to provide reporting access to superintendents and principals, without giving them the ability to change your network or security settings.


Additional changes

As with every new version of Cipafilter, we've made efforts to increase the performance, efficiency, and effectiveness of the product. In this release, we've incorporated several refinements to database logging and other back-end components. You'll also notice that we've changed a few names in our menu options: Content Filtering is now Web Filtering, and Stateful Firewall is now simply referred to as Firewall. Don't worry — you'll get the same great functionality as always.

Request an upgrade

Due to the expected high volume of requests, we will be rolling out upgrades in waves to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Contact Cipafilter Support today to request a firmware upgrade date and take advantage of these new features.

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