Suspicious Search Term management

Once upon a time on the internet, all we had to worry about was filtering web traffic. We worked to block inappropriate sites, helped children find educational content, and everyone was happy.

It all sounds so simple, but we know that you have students who push boundaries, have real problems, and often need a helping hand.

That's why we've developed our Suspicious Search Term management tool. You create a list of terms that cover areas with which you're concerned, such as hate speech, self-harm, weapons, bullying, and the like. It's completely customizable, so you know that the list is suitable for your school, your students, and your needs.

Suspicious Search Term screenshot

Cipafilter will log when a student searches for any of the listed terms, though the unit won't block the search or any legitimate web pages to which the student navigates. Should they attempt to go to an inappropriate website, however, Cipafilter will block them.

Suspicious Search Term screenshot

Paired with informative InSite™ reporting, you'll now have a detailed account of a student's search history and web browsing habits. If it appears that a student may be struggling, having a problem, or could be in danger, these tools enable you to provide a clear and concise explanation of why you're concerned, so that you can convey that to parents or administration should further actions be necessary.

Suspicious Search Term management won't solve all the problems that your students face, but it's a powerful tool that gives you and your school the option to help when those in your charge are troubled.

For more information about Suspicious Search Term management, as well as our other great features, contact us and we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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