Advanced DPI Bandwidth Control

Cipafilter 9.0 has launched in time for the upcoming school year, and the newest version features Advanced Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Bandwidth Control that gives administrators the power to prioritize their school's most important traffic requirements.

The Advanced DPI feature is accessed through the Internet Filtering function of Cipafilter, and it allows the administrator to create rules that establish how the school's bandwidth is allocated.

Rules can be created to prioritize bandwidth based on subnet, group, domain, port, or application layer, and there is no limit to the number of rules that can be created, allowing schools to have very granular control of their often-limited network bandwidth.

Prioritize bandwidth to keep students on task

Allowing adequate bandwidth to essential domains and applications that students use is important for keeping them focused; a fast loading site and quick downloads means less time for them to get distracted by something else. For example, ensuring state testing sites have absolute uptime during one of the most stressful times of year minimizes technical frustrations and allows students to focus solely on testing.

Similarly, giving low priority to sites that can cause distractions slows streaming quality and download time, discouraging disruptions and further ensuring students stay on task.

Prioritize bandwidth to improve network efficiency

Because rules can be so specific, administrators can have extremely tight control over their network's bandwidth. For example, giving low priority to an application like YouTube, allows students to still view videos, but in 240p versus 1080p. If an entire class is watching a YouTube video on individual computers in 1080p, it could potentially cripple a network depending on how much bandwidth the school has. Likewise, necessary software updates, like those from Apple, can be given a low priority so that the updates still occur but do not eat up a school's bandwidth and disrupt more important tasks.

For schools who utilize VoIP, adequate bandwidth is critical for placing and receiving clear phone calls. If bandwidth is being tied up elsewhere and there is not a rule in place to make VoIP a priority, call quality will be poor.

While you are preparing for your next school year, we know that web security is a top priority. That is why we have made it our focus to provide you with the most up to date technology for keeping kids safe online. Advanced Deep Packet Inspection Bandwidth Control gives you added control to prioritize domains, applications and groups on your Cipafilter for improved network efficiency and more focused students.

Watch our videos to learn more about using Advanced DPI Bandwidth Control with domains and applications.

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