With greater visibility and control, you can do more with less. Cipafilter’s all-in-one firewall solution offers better security, more customization, and a simple to use interface.


TLS/SSL Decryption

Schools rely on a variety of software as a service(Saas) solutions that use encryption.

Websites also encrypt your data to keep you safe. Over half of all internet traffic—including almost all the world's top sites—are encrypted. This is great news for internet security, but it's no secret decryption is fraught with configuration and performance dilemmas. We solved a few of these issues for you.

Cipafilter makes managing secure traffic easy. You have control over which sites and which users are subject to decryption. Implement decryption at your own pace without affecting the rest of your network. Our proprietary proxy will also solve performance bottlenecks. The filter is capable of handling hundreds of thousands of connections, and it gives you a host of new troubleshooting and reporting capabilities.


Application Control

This is a big deal. Stop playing whack-a-mole with different ports to block domains and applications. Control the feature by group, subnet, or application type. Give teachers access to music streaming services without letting students drain valuable bandwidth. Or, let teachers use VPNs without giving students the ability to bypass filtering. You can tighten security without causing teacher riots. All made possible with background technologies like our proprietary DPI and TLS/SSL inspection.


Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

The IPS is an important function of our next-gen firewall. We stop threats before they enter your network. The less you have to worry about, the better.


QoS/Bandwidth Management

Every network and online tool relies on consistent internet. Proper bandwidth allocation is critical to make this happen. Yet, it always seems to be in short supply. Schools rely on steady bandwidth to run lunch programs, VOIP phones, or other key services. Sometimes bandwidth management can seem like a full time job in itself. Our adaptive QoS system prioritizes traffic to reduce buffer bloat. This means you're not going back and tweaking settings every other day to fit the moment's need.


Networking/Stateful Firewall

At the core of any Firewall is its ability to do traditional firewall tasks. One benefit to a Cipafilter firewall is its easy to use interface. Feel comfortable to add a port forward, block an IP, or create a VLAN.

A Sample of features you can expect:


  • Stateful Firewall

  • Hot-Spare Fail-Over

  • Port Forwarding

  • Routing & Load Balancing

  • VLAN Support

  • DHCP

  • SNMP

  • Multi-Gateway Routing

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