What can you get?

Cipafilter Offers Rewards To Help You With Your Next Hardware Upgrade

How would you like to upgrade your hardware for free? With Cipafilter Rewards you will always have up to date hardware.

Take part to earn $1 per credit towards your next hardware upgrade. Help us help you and a friend!

Below is a list of ways you can participate and earn Cipafilter Rewards credits:

500 Credits: Refer New Customer

250 Credits: Participate In Beta Program

100 Credits: Provide White Paper Or Testimonial

50–2000 Credits: Trade In Old Hardware

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Refer New Customer

It pays to tell people about Cipafilter. Earn rewards if you enjoy your Cipafilter!

Every new school or district referral sale will earn you 500 credits and them a 5% discount on their price.

Time to start spreading the love! Referrals must be in writing (e-mail accepted).

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Trade In Old Hardware

If your existing hardware is getting long in the tooth, or your network has grown

beyond its capabilities, trade it in for credits towards a new Cipafilter! Credits

awarded vary by filter hardware model (see below).


Hardware Trade-In Details

Your filter's model number is shown on the Status page of its web management interface (firmware version 8.2 or later).

Model                      Credits
J8180                      3000 credits
H6180                      2000 credits
H4171                      1000 credits
G4180                      500 credits
K6180                      200 credits
I6160                      1500 credits
I4140                      500 credits
H4160                      500 credits
H4151                      300 credits
H4140                      100 credits
G4150                      100 credits

*Every credit earns you $1 towards your next Cipafilter purchase.


Program Rules

  • Customer Must Request Rewards Credits.

  • Rewards Credits Do Not Expire.

  • Rewards Credits Have No Cash Value.

  • Rewards Credits Are Non-Transferable.

  • Rewards Credits Cannot Be Used With Other Discounts.

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